Wednesday, November 9, 2011

travelling around the world on a budget

i don't really talk much about travelling on this blog, although maybe I should, being that I love to travel and I adore googling boutique hotels around the world (I have a list of places I want to stay at!).

My sister mentioned a blog that she has started to follow called snap and blabs. This is a blog about a family travelling around the world on a budget (how amazing!) and at the moment, they're 254 days into it!

So many people live their life by what they think is "responsible" or what they "should" do, but I am so inspired by people who follow their dreams, take risks and live the life they dream. We only live once!

The snaps and blabs adventure is incredible and anyone who loves travel and dreams of packing up and travelling for a while (I still tell Richard we'll do this one day!!), then this blog is worth having a look at. Very inspiring - just beautiful!!!!