Friday, June 3, 2011

hollywood house

there is something about Tori Spelling that interests me.

Last year I watched (or I could possibly have been addicted!) to her "Home Sweet Hollywood" reality show - there was somthing about Tori that hooked me in. Whilst she was born in one of the most famous and wealthiest families in Hollywood, she has developed into a down-to-earth (as much as you can living in Holloywood) person who experiences the same struggles (eg: being a mum and working) as others in modern society.

Tori displays incredible style. Personally and in the home, her style is relaxed, simple and beautifully constructed.

I noticed her and her husband's (Dean McDermott) house in Hollywood is for sale (approx. $3.2 million US) and it looks stunning. Whilst it is a typical Hollywood mansion, the interior creates a stylish and homely feel. If only I had  a spare $3.2 million!

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