Sunday, January 1, 2012

bali & lombok

This year I'm hoping Richard and I can take a short trip away to somewhere warm around July/August (by the end of winter I am always so desperately hanging out for the sun) and being that I love travel so much, I'm already on the task of trying to work out where we should go!

I adore Asia - the climate, the people, the food and it is so cheap (generally!), so I think we'll head that way.

I have been looking at Bali & Lombok. We haven't been to Bali before (everyone who has been has loved it) and Lombok is a little unknown, so that excites me.

I'm not sure where we should stay in Bali. At this stage Ubud appeals to me, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions???

I came across The Lombok Lodge located in Lombok (what would you do now days without Trip Advisor!) and I instantly fell in love. This boutique hotel looks absolutely gorgeous & it has only been open since June 2010. I think this is where we'll have to stay (now I just need to convince Richard!).

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