Monday, September 5, 2011


I love browsing on etsy. I have to admit, there are a few unsual items that are not really to my taste, but often I come across a shop that sells some amazing pieces and I instantly save them under my "Favtourites". Etsy is so big now, once I have come across a great find, I don't won't to lose it!

Whilst browsing on etsy the other day I came across lacasadecoto - handmade crochet cushions, rugs and pouffes. The pouffes and rugs are great - fabulous colours - very fun and bright.

We have a lovely orange mark on our cream carpet (thanks to my boyfriend - his orange sports drink leaked in his bag on the floor!). Oh well, one of these circular rugs will hide the mark - perfect! Great price as well - definitely within my budget.

Lacasadecoto is well worth having a look at if you get the chance.

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